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Our Kitchen


Daniel with many years of experience with food and inspirer of unique, authentic cuisine will take you on a creative and delicious journey to new tastes. Daniel loves the colors and the presentation of his dishes. He has incorporated his cultural influences into the menu. The spices, ingredients, dishes, local customs of each country visited, all of this exposure to multicultural stimuli, have compiled the perfect recipe for a fusion cuisine, rich in aromas and delicious surprises.


The experience and creativity of our Chefs would not be enough if our kitchen did not have the necessary professional equipment. Our investment, in the innovative authentic Spanish oven JOSPER, combines technology in the most elegant way of grilling. Ideal for special menus and kitchens like ours. The JOSPER oven is a higher grilling quality oven which grills and adds unique flavours, textures whilst keeping all the juiciness and aromas in the all our prepared dishes.


The idyllic green mountainous landscape and the scenic view of the two natural dams that star in all the impressive, large windows that surround our restaurant, the warm romantic atmosphere of our imposing stone fireplace during the winter months, the elegance and authenticity which characterize the aesthetics of our space, come to compose your ultimate gastronomic experience in the countryside. Our large outdoor veranda, the real gem of our restaurant, is an ideal proposition for panoramic photos of the beautiful beaches of Farmakas, prompting every visitor to return to this dreamy place. Unique taste combinations of pure and fresh ingredients, together with our philosophy of multidimensional and expressive cuisine, together with imagination and creativity create delicious dishes, rich in colors, smells and fragrances.

Artisanal Bread

Made fresh every day by the master baker himself Daniel Anastasis. Bread and pastries are made from local sourced organic flour and homemade ingredients (προζύμι/yeast comes from Farmakas village itself). Daniel ran commercial bakeries and restaurants in Africa for well over 40 years and enjoys this creative pastime forming beautifully artisanal bread.
Buy a fresh crispy loaf for the way home or to enjoy on a picnic in the Farmakas mountains.