Agrotourism in Cyprus

Farmakas Living


Daniel and Theoni Anastasis have recreated the feeling of a simple village life by developing the derelict stone homes that once lay in the centre of Farmakas village, the same place where Daniel was raised with his mother, Yiayia and Papou. Having returned to Cyprus after 45 years in Africa, Daniel wanted to breathe life into his poignant memories and to revere the beauty of village living that encompasses fresh air, beautiful vista’s and food handpicked from the earth. That same magical feeling has been recreated with all the modern conveniences whilst promoting agrotourism in the village and fulfilling Daniel and Theoni’s vision of a life that evolves whilst respecting history.


Cluster homes consisting of 5 small units/studios. A perfect getaway to get away from daily routine and experience village life in Farmakas and the nature of the mountainous Famakas area. An ideal retreat for families and small groups. A perfect combination of luxury comfort and traditional design. All units are fully equipped with basic necessities, fridge, kettle, toaster, tv, 2 hotplates, Free Wifi, air conditioning as well as central heating. A great option and refreshing change to the summer heat in summer, or a cosy weekend during the cooler months. An ideal place to explore rural Cyprus and take in the fresh open air and enjoy raw nature and yet still relatively close and accessible to all main cities and villages.


Agrotourism is a popular rural holiday experience where visitors get to find out about life on the island’s mountains firsthand. It’s more than just a vacation in Farmakas as you’ll get the chance to relax at a peaceful holiday retreat whilst at the same time discover true local experiences, including nature, culture and people, as well as outdoor activities.